Alligator Rongeurs

Grasps hard to reach tissue or debris
Narrow enough to reach small cavities
Lengths for every situation
5" Rongeur
• 7" Rongeur
• 9" Rongeur
• Premium Grade German Stainless Steel



Double action mechanism for maximum cutting force
Extra long grip for two handed power
• Sharp edges facilitate osteophyte and bone resection
• Manufactured from premium grade German Stainless Steel


Soft Face "No Bounce" Mallet

No bounce design
• Soft replaceable Teflon tip
• Comfort fit handle


Orthopaedic Curettes

Slip-Resistant resin handle
Extended grip
Torsion knob
• Ultra sharp German Stainless Steel

Low-Profile® Cable System

Fast, Secure, Cost Effective

Sequential tensioning
• Low-Profile cable
• Pre-attached crimp


Orthopaedic Osteotomes

• Slip-resistant
• Ultra sharp German Stainless Steel

Silent Knee Assistant

An ingenious approach to tissue retraction, the silent knee assistant frees the assistant's hands to do the most important task: assist the surgeon.

Knee Positioner

Wide, stable baseplate secures rigidly to surgery table
Smooth sliding motion for the effortless leg positioning
locks in any position with a single turn of the wrist
Low-profile for improved knee flexion
Moldable boot provides exceptional mediolateral stability
• All components are fully autoclaveable

Hip Positioner

Better total body support
Patient specific positioning
Optimal hip exposure
• Gel pad for patient comfort